mustard update 

Golden frills is doing fine in soil!
mollusks don't like it so it survived.

This variety has a strong taste I like it.

But more importantly this plant is simply amazing.
It seems it is able to regrow its damaged leaves from themselves. After a mollusk attack almost nothing is left from the leaf except for the stem, then it looks like the leaf repair itself and makes new little frills!

Also my seeds have nice diversity, some are not curly at all

mustard update 

My great wave miike is doing fine (in pots only) and flowering

Got my heart broken by some american boy,
at least now i got a mechanical keyboard

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People are always buying Stephanie erecta but #Stephania cepharantha is where it's at! Look at all the cuteness! I love this #plant so much. I'm thinking about adding another #trellis on top of its current trellis but that'd make it too tall for the space I can spare for it.

#Plant #Plants #PlantPorn @plants #PlantsOfTheFediverse #Caudiciform #Caudiciforms #ILikePlantsMoreThanPeople

mustard update 

So I started with 3 varieties of mustard:

- 'tokyo bekana' was annihilated by mollusks
- 'great wave miike' is suffering greatly from mollusk attacks and is now ravaged by caterpillars (like 2-3 caterpillars on each, wtf)
- 'golden frills' was not attacked by mollusks and is caterpillar free. It's supposed to be spiciest one, maybe that's why.

Very surprising how some varieties can be way more resistant to pests than others.
I'm happy to have tried 3 of them

My open source wheat looks ready to harvest :>!
I have way more than I expected, I will be able to give seeds to friends.
Of course I'm just growing it for fun (for now)

The maize made some fruits too but I'm afraid that they didn't got pollinized well because I only got 4

I sowed 3 types of leaf mustard, sadly one type (tokyo bekana) got completly destroyed by molusks.

they really taste like mustard!

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Just destroyed a big begonia branch to make cuttings. I have too many of them already lol

The coleus cutting my friend gave me last week is already making roots!

My super-hot chili (bhut jolokia chocolat) grew a lot.
Flowers are coming soon, I'm excited!

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there are bees in my garden,
it appears they have made a nest in the soil!

update on my open-source wheat.
my tomatoes didn't grew at all in may thanks to bad weather :(

I have humulus lupulus, the seeds come from a local plant I found growing next to a river.
I hop they will grow well in my garden so I can make beer with it!

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