@nathan is this what i think it is?:aishock:
what species is this??
@nathan heheh :aismug:

what an absolute legend, it does look like it got a lil too much Nitrogen tho. but yea i grow funny plants myself too hahahh
@nathan i'll have to show ya my garden tomorrow :blobhyperwubbel:
would love to share tips n tricks as well 😊

@cee why too much nitrogen? I need to change the pot, it's too small now

@nathan the leaves tend to curl down like a claw from either wet feet or too much N

but yeah good call anyway to re-pot. The soil mix i normally use in my nursery is 1 part vermiculite, 1 part coir and 2 parts organic compost.

@nathan Afaik it's a tropical plant. It's good to know it can be grown indoors. Now where can I find some seeds?.. 🤔

@yaksha It propagate by cuttings, I found one on a craiglist-like site

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